CS605 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Nova is a software house which has recently shipped a project of Online Banking Management system for one of its client. During the development of this software, 80 errors were found before delivery of the software but the client reported number of errors after using the software within the first year of operation. Defect removal efficiency of this project is 0.5. You are required to calculate how many errors were reported by client after delivery. Provide your answer in following table:

No of Errors reported by the client after delivery
Calculation Answer


Question No. 2

Consider VISA management system that stores the personal details of the VISA requester along with other details e.g. job history, abroad traveling history, bank account details etc. However, the system also queries for Criminals database system (maintained by local government) to verify about any criminal record against that person. For this purpose VISA management system uses the CNIC number of that person to retrieve the crime history (if any).

From the above case study, identify the Internal Logical files (ILFs) and External Interface files (EIFs) with respect to VISA management system.