CS605 Midterm Spring 2013 Papers 25 May

cs605 Software Engineering 2
20 MCQs
6 subjective questions

Q21: can we count a single logical file as both EIF & ILF for the same application? (2 No)
Q22: what is meant by RISK PROJECTION? (2 NO)
Q23: how can we measure the quality of requirement specification document? (3 NO)
Q24: what role :Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and management (RMMM)” does play in developing strategy for dealing with risks? (3 NO)
Q25: Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) can be calculated as
Now consider 2 projects; For Project-A, the value “E” factor was greater than “D”, and For Project-B, the value “E” factor was less than “D”. Give your comments about the efficiency of testing teams working on the project-A&B along with reason(S). Consider that both projects were developed by same team. (5 NO)
Q26: A multinational company needs to buy software for its HR department, as an I.T. consultant what steps you will adopt to buy a cost effective software solution for your company. (mention at least five steps) (5 NO)