CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013


The soft-tech organization established three years ago has completed a number of projects successfully. Recently this organization got a big project from a multinational company for e-commerce website development. This new project is facing much delay due to the resignation of project manager. At which maturity level the organization is working currently .Give your answer with reference to CMM levels. Also explain the reason of your answer.



A textile organization wants to develop an Inventory Control System for its internal use. The requirements are well understood and scope is well constrained. However the project is required to be delivered within short period of time (as soon as possible). Propose a life cycle model for this scenario and provide reason(s) for justification of your answer.



Suppose a software house is going to design an automated system to control the operations of an aeroplane. There are following requirements:


  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Maintainability


Suggest which one has the top most priority from the above. Also give appropriate reasons in favor of your answer.



After successful development and testing phases of internet banking project, United Bank Limited (UBL) has launched its website on web server to facilitate its customers online. According to Software Development Loop, at which stage the current system is working now?


Q #1    = level -2

Q#2     = RAD- rapid application development

Q#3    =  reliability

Q# 4    = status quo