CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

Please refer to the case study given with Assignment no. 1.
Identify some of the drivers that can cause support-risks in context of our application.
As “Ticket reservation” and “Passenger-interface” modules need to be delivered in next 2 to 3 months (Refer to scenario given in Assignment no. 1), there is a risk that we will not be able to deliver these modules on time.
Discuss some of the measures (at least two) that will help us to avoid this risk.



  1. 1.      Operation system can cause support risks.
  2. 2.      Network i.e. LAN can cause support risks.
  3. 3.      Airport central database can cause some kind of support risk.
  4. 4.      International forecasting agency can be a cause for support risk.

In our case of Air reservation system some support risks are involved some drivers of factors may cause un supportability in the application.


  • According to case study ARS is a client/server based system, running on LAN. Both clients and servers will be Linux based systems. With different LAN topologies software should compatible otherwise its stop working.
  • If database is not designed and managed properly it’s may be overloaded in future and difficult to change according to future changes in the application according to the time requirement.
  • If the EIF of the system are not well managed and extendable it may be cased problem to interact with external applications that may be newly introduced in the future.
  •  Our system and database should have capability to absorbs and keep working when new EIF and ILF
  • GUIs musts be self explanatory that the user easily understand and able to do the function that they want otherwise errors and problems will accord that are not good for software supportability prospective.


  1. In our case study ARS is a short term project that is need to be very careful with time frame a little mistake make it very late we must need to follow some steps to avoid this risk.

    ·         We need to choose appropriate software development model to complete our work carefully within the time limit. Rapid application development (RAD) is best for it.

    ·         We should use different measure of size estimation of the software,

    o   Lines of code

    o   Number of objects

    o   Number of GUIs

    o   Number of document pages

    o   Functional points

    After this analysis we are able to estimate our exact effort that we need to finish this project in time.

    • We should estimate how much persons are needed for the team to complete project and give them responsibilities according to their abilities.
    • Time allocation is very important; each task to be scheduled must be allocated some number if work units and each task must be assigned a start date and an end date.
    • The project must be compartmentalized into a number of manageable activities and tasks. And individually solve or do all activates, in this method the tasks will be performed parallel and work will finish quickly.