CS605 Software Engineering-II Assignment 5 Solution Fall 2012

Question#1 [Marks 10]:

Review meeting is attended by the review leader, all reviewers, and the producer. One of the reviewers takes the role of recorder. Producer walks through the product, explaining the material while other reviewers raise issues based upon their advanced preparation.

Suppose a review meeting is going to be held in the last week of this month to review the first release that is going to be deployed in first week of next month and you are one of the reviewers. Prepare a list of tasks (at least four) that you will perform as a part of advance preparation for your participation in this meeting.

Question no 2 [Marks 10]:

It was decided by the airline management that the alerts (e.g. change in flight schedule, flight cancellation or any other announcement) will also be communicated through passengers cell phones in order to ensure that the message has been communicated immediately. For this purpose the development company decided to purchase the module (as Commercial off the shelf component) from market instead of developing in-house. List some of the features (at least four) that need to be tested/considered before deciding such module to be purchased.