CS605 Software Engineering-II GDB Solution Spring 2014

There are two types of technical reviews, Formal technical review and informal technical review. What type of review you prefer for software applications. Justify your answer with reasons.


I would prefer Formal Technical Review (FTR). Formal Technical Reviews are conducted by software engineers for software projects. The primary objective is to find errors during the process so that they do not become defects after release of software as they uncover errors in function, logic design, or implementation. The idea is to have early discovery of errors so they do not propagate to the next step in the process. They also ensure that the software has been represented according to predefined standards and it is developed in a uniform manner. They make projects more manageable and help groom new resources as well as provide backup and continuity. FTRs include walkthroughs, inspections, and other small group technical assessments of software.