CS605 VU Assignment No. 1 Fall 2012 Solution

As the airline is going to start its operation within next 2 to 3 months, so initially the ticket reservation module and passenger-interface module (the interface which passengers will use on passenger terminals to search and select flights, see fare details, announcements etc.) need to be delivered at the start of airline operations.

Question#1 [Marks: 10+5]:
a) In context of the above scenario, select the appropriate software development process model for this situation; also provide justification for your answer.
b) What might be the implications if this application is assigned to an organization at CMM level-1 (Ad-hoc Level)?

Question#2 [Marks 5]:
Consider the following two system constraints:
1. Performance
2. Usability (user friendly interface)

Normally we have a trade-off between these two constraints. In context of the given case study, which constraint will you prefer more; Give reasons for your answer.


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