CS605 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Q1 basline data : 2marks
Q2 project projection: 2 marks
Q3 risk assessing question: 3 marks
Q4 How design of a software is measured quantitatively: 3 marks
Q5 technical risk sy related the bht lamba : 5 marks
Q6 factors other then usabilty: 5 marks

Total number of questions were 26

20 MCQs and 6 subjective Questions
About 10 Mcqs were from first 6 lecrures

Subjective Questions

1.Why sofware Engineers use measure? 2 marks
2. What do you mean by degree of regor ? 2 marks
3. in order to assess overall project risks, which questions need to be asked (Any Five) ? 3 marks
4. how can we develop individual control chart using moving range
Control chart? 3 marks
5. Interdependency of each compartmentalized activity or task must b determined? If interdependency is not determined than what impact will be on overall project? 5 marks
6. As a software engineer if you develop a system, useability k hawalay say konsay factor adopt klaren gay aap istarah ka tha kuch kaafi lambi statement thi.