CS606 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

Questions of 2 Marks:
1-what is semantic actions?
2-Brief note on Reducible Flow Graphs
3-A Tree given, Traverse in Postorder
4-What is live variable
5- a code given, Subexpressions eliminate karna the.

Questions of 3 Marks:
1- Translate the following regular expression in simple words: r*
2- Write brief note on Labeling Algorithm
3- Role of Symbol Table
4- main Diff. Between Hopcroft’s Algorithm and Subset Construction Algorithm

Questions of 5 Marks:
1-What kind of data structure is used to represent Basic Blocks?
2-Discuss the issue of Target programs in Code Generation phase?
3- What is LR(K) parsing and discuss main advantage.
CS615 Current Spring 2011 Final Term VU Paper [July 2011] Virtual University of Pakistan

Types of WBS
Types of Contract
Draw WBS diagram of Product oreinted bicycle
Proactive and Reactive Risk Strategies.
How to gather initial requirement in a new softwar project as Project manager
COCOMO Initaial Formula
KLOC numerical to calcuate initial development of effort
Steps Resheduing of process in MS Project 2000