CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2013

Assignment 10 Marks


Dear Student, you may have heard about ELIZA program…which was originally developed by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1964-66 at MIT. Later on, lots of improvements have been made and different versions have been released. Attached with this assignment is an enhanced ELIZA program. This program pretends to be a Psychotherapist and can engage you in a serious conversation. Your task is just to run this program, have some discussion for fun on any topic of your interest. I hope you will appreciate its intelligent responses.

You need to submit two snapshots of your discussion with this program,

  • In the first snapshot: you must mention your name and VU-ID and that shall be highlighted in your snapshot.
  • In the second snapshot: you can submit any part of the discussion which you like the most.


  • If you are using Window 7 (64-bit) then you will need to use DOSBox software for running Eliza program. DOSBox is available on LMS download section.
  • Sample of desired screen shots are shown on Page 4… see Figure-1 and Figure-2.



10 Marks


In this part, you need to solve an interesting mathematical and logical problem. The story is given below, please read carefully and answer the question given at the end.

There were two friends Ali and Owais living in a town and used to sell fruits in a market. One day, both of them were having 30 oranges (each) in their baskets and there was slight difference in selling rate as below.

Figure 1: Ali’s Basket…Total 30 oranges…Rate is 2 oranges per Rs.1

Figure 2: Owais’s Basket…Total 30 oranges…Rate is 3 oranges per Rs.1

You can easily calculate that as per above rates…Ali will earn Rs.15 and Owais will earn Rs.10. (Total Rs.25)

Suddenly, Ali has to go for some important task and asked his friend Owais to sell his oranges together by putting all the oranges in one basket. They decided the rate as below.

Ali’s Rate is……………… 2 oranges per Rs.1

Owais’s Rate is…………… 3 oranges per Rs.1

By adding the two rates…. 5 oranges per Rs.2

Thus Owais has 60 oranges in the basket and selling rate was 5 oranges per Rs.2.

At the end of the day, Owais get Rs. 24 by selling all 60 oranges @ 5 oranges per Rs.2. Now, they don’t know how to share the amount as they were expecting Rs.25. They start looking for some Wiseman who can tell them the reason of the difference. You can be the Wiseman if you know the reason.

Your task is to resolve this issue by finding the reasons of difference… they were getting Rs.25 (in total) when they were selling separately and now they got Rs.24 by selling it together (though the rate appears to be the same).


You are required to submit your solution in MS Word format through LMS.

  • For Part-1, two screen shots of your discussion with Eliza program as desired.
  • For Part-2, you need to give the exact reasons of the difference of Rs.1.