CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013


10 Marks

Part-1 Dear Student, you may have heard about ELIZA program…which was originally developed by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1964-66 at MIT. Later on, lots of improvements have been made and different versions have been released. Attached with this assignment is an enhanced ELIZA program. This program pretends to be a Psychotherapistand can engage you in a serious conversation. Your task is just to run this program, have some discussion for fun on any topic of your interest. I hope you will appreciate its intelligent responses. You need to submit two snapshots of your discussion with this program, · In the first snapshot: you must mention your name and VU-ID and that shall be highlighted in your snapshot. · In the second snapshot: you can submit any part of the discussion which you like the most. Note: · You will need DOSBox software for using Eliza program on 64-bit Windows 7. DOSBox is available on LMSdownload section. · Sample of desired screen shots are shown on Page 4… see Figure-1 and Figure-2.

10 Marks

Part-2 In early chapters (Lecture No. 5), you have studied and practiced that how Two-One problem was solved systemically which might have appeared to most of you very hard at first instant. In this part you are given a very interesting problem situation and you need to devise some intelligent mechanism to find its solution. I name this problem as 3 or 13-problem. 3 or 13 Problem: Consider ashopkeeper who is running a sugar store in a town ABC where people used to buy sugar in kilograms. Orders of people of the town ranges from 1Kg to 13Kg and the shopkeeper wants to weight the desired demand in one go. For this purpose, the shopkeeper has kept 13 stones, weighing from 1Kg to 13Kg and they are labeled and placed properly in one corner of his shop… now for example a customer order N Kg of sugar (where N must be in range 1 – 13), shopkeeper simply picks the stone weighing N Kg and deliver the desired demand in one go. One day a Wiseman came, and advised the shopkeeper to keep only 3 stones and throw away the remaining 10 stones as they have occupied too much space. Shopkeeper can still weight orders from 1-13 Kg in one go with those selected 3 stones…by placing one or more stones in either pan of the Balance. Your task is to find, which 3 stones were suggested by the Wiseman? Note: your selected 3 stones must fulfill the shopkeeper demand i.e. to weight sugar from 1Kg to 13Kg in one go. One or more stones can be kept in either pan of the Balance to get the desired weight. You must complete the following table…provide pan status of the Balance for each desired weight with your selected 3 stones.

Required Weight
Net weight (Left Pan – Right Pan)
Left Pan
Right Pan
1 KG
2 KG
3 KG
4 KG
5 KG
6 KG
7 KG
8 KG
9 KG
10 KG
11 KG
12 KG
13 KG

You are required to submit your solution in MS Word format through LMS.
§ Answer to part requires two screen shots of your discussion with Eliza program as desired. § Complete the above table showing pan status for each desired weight with your selected 3 stones. Guide for solving Part-2 Let say I selected 3 stones as below: Stone 1 = 3KG Stone 2 = 4KG Stone 3 = 6KG

Required Weight
Net weight (Left Pan – Right Pan)
Left Pan
Right Pan
1 KG 4KG 3KG 4-3=1KG
2 KG 6KG 4KG 6-4=2KG
3 KG 3KG 3-0=3KG
4 KG 4KG 4-0=4KG
5 KG 6KG+3KG 4KG 6+3-4=5KG
6 KG 6KG 6-0=6KG
7 KG 4KG+3KG 4+3-0=7KG
8 KG ? ? ?
9 KG 6KG+3KG 6+3=9KG
10 KG 6KG+4KG 6+4=10KG
11 KG ? ? ?
12 KG ? ? ?
13 KG 6KG+4KG+3KG 6+4+3=13KG

As you can see, I am unable to get correct pan configuration for weighing 8KG, 11KG and 12KG in one go…that’s why my selected 3 stones is not the required correct solution. Only that solution will be considered as correct if it can weigh ALL required weights (1KG to 13KG) in one go.


part 1 needs just screenshot like this. with ur own name and uni ID

and part 2 ka sub say imp kam wo 3 stones find krna tha. and tha are

Stone one is = 1KG
Stone Two is = 3KG
Stone three is = 9KG