CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

Question # 1
Find Disjunctive Normal Form for the given propositional term and then find Conjunctive Normal Form of the same propositional term which is equivalent to disjunctive normal form.
(PQ) ^ ¬ (P ^ (Q ^ ¬R))
Question # 2

There are given some predicates about a person y, who have
Blue-eyes(y) mean y has Blue-eyes, Asian(y) mean y is an Asian, Body-Builder(y) mean y is a Body-Builder, and Hates(y, z) mean y dislikes z. You should build the descriptive English to a well-formed formula in First Order Logic for the given statements.
I. “No Blue-eyes, Body-Builder likes any Asian.”
II. “There is someone with Blue-eyes who everyone dislikes.”

Just an effort to solve the assignment :
Just started reading from page 96, section First Order predictate Logic

My solution for Question 2 is
First Order Predicate Logic Formula
1. “No Blue Eyes, Body Builder likes Asian ”

¬ Blue-eyes ˄ Likes ( Body builder , Asian)

2. There is someone with Blue eyes who everyone dislikes.

Ǝ (Blue eyes) ˄ ¬ Likes x