CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2012

E-Care Company wants to design an automatic machine for Mayo Hospital Lahore, which can help them in collecting the wastes and put them in attached fixed bucket for the particular purposes. This waste material may consists of syringes to soiled dressings, body parts, diagnostic samples, blood bottles, chemicals pots, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and radioactive materials. May in future such type of automatic machines will use in other hospitals like Services Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, General Hospital etc. E-Care Company is hiring you as expert system designer and handover the requirements which are already gathered. Now your responsibility is to design machine “like human sweeper” which performs the job to collect the medical wastages like injections syringes, bottles. This is a charge able machine and can navigate a single floor. After reaching the battery level at certain point it will automatically move towards the charger fixed at the same floor. The machine has different sensors to detect the waste material (syringes, bottles etc.) and has a gripper to collect or pick syringes, bottles. It may move towards front, left and right directions but not in backward direction. Now your task is to answer the given questions:
1) Discuss the performance of this automatic machine if there are number of tasks available and machine will make choice to pick a task among large number of actions. What are your suggestions either performance will increase or decrease with large set of actions?

Answer: Here you can discuss about a washing machine. Washes clothes, dry them. There are buttons for two side rotation.  Buttons to increase and decrease the rotation speed. Timing is set in the washing machine.
2) Moreover you should specify the actions that can be performed by the automatic machine and states of the machine which can be identified.

Rotation of clothes clock wise and anti clockwise.

-> Cleaning clothes.

-> Drying clothes.

-> Automatic time setting functionality.