CS607 Artificial Intelligence Assignment No 1 Solution Fall 2012


Consider you want to visit a housing scheme in Lahore for investigation of a robbery case. This housing scheme is developed in a tree like structure and the entire houses are built and connected through the path from Aamir’s house. Only Aamir’s house is connected to the outside road. This housing scheme has paths like a tree edges and houses are arranged in tree like structure. All the houses are built in alphabetical order starting from house owner name as Aamir (as root node). Each house has two successors’ houses means Aamir house is connected to two more houses. These two houses also connected to next houses.The list of the owners of the houses is given as below: Anas, Hassan, Aamir, Usman, Abuzar, Nasir, Saad, Salman, Talha, Ahmad, Ali, Amin, Waqas, Zaid, and Umar. 1. Draw the map of the housing scheme for all the house owners using their names in alphabetical order. The house owner’s names are given in the above list. [Hint] For example, Representation of Ahmad, Anas and Hassan houses. 2. One of the house owners is Mr. Talha faces a problem of robbery. Now you are acting as S.H.O of nearest Police Station and want to go Mr. Talha’s house for investigation. List the order in which houses (nodes) will be visited for using iterative deepening search, depth-limited search with limit 3 and breadth-first search to find Mr. Talha’s House.