CS607 Artificial Intelligence Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 52

Total Marks: 80

Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark)  


2 mark Questions:

 1. What is hypothesis space?

2. What is machine learning?

3. What is a strip?

4. What is differing between height and depth of a tree?

4 questions of 3 marks

1. Write the name of windows used in the clips software?

2. What do you know about Mamdani’s fuzzy inference method?

3. What is the basic key of candidate elimination algorithm?

4.Predicate action?

4 questions of 5 marks.

1. Differ between supervised and unsupervised learning? 5 marks

2. What are the linear separable line and non linear separable line?5

3. Generic Algorithms?

4. Write different knowledge Acquisition techniques.