CS607 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Question No. 01
Individuals produce a number of children which are more or less, resemble or alike themselves. Difference
may be due to random changes, or due to inherit some characteristics from each parent. Some of children
may survive to produce children of their own and some will not. The healthier or better adapted individuals
are more likely to survive. With the passage of time generations developed better and better adapted to
survive. This is the Genetic algorithm working which is inspired by the natural evolution process.
You have to recall the Genetic algorithm (GA) and mimic its working on the following real world scenario in
daily life as a human being
Consider a scenario we want to make an improved shortbread chocolate chip cookie; you are required to
identify the following:
a. Problem statement.
b. What will be the Vector, whose values we want to learn?
c. Fitness function to evaluate solution(short bread cookie).
d. How to diversify (modify) generation?

Question No. 2 Knowledge representation can be done in the form of semantic network. Semantic Network is a knowledge representation technique. It is used to represents relation among objects in graph (vertices and edges) form. You have to draw the semantic network (diagrammatically) of the following, and properly define objects and show relation among them. “Man inherits the attributes of human – name and age.