CS607 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

A set of rules are given below which are a part of a patient care fuzzy system on behalf of these rules the decision is made in fuzzy system whether the person should be admitted to the hospital or just recommend to the doctor for a visit only. The parameters used in the rules are “blood pressure and temperature measure”. The antecedent part is given and the consequent part is missing, you have to write the missing part. Also draw the diagram showing the steps of fuzzy system from input to output.

Note:(normal range of BP=100/65 to 120/80 and for temperature= 96-98)

1-  If a person has BP>120/80 OR temperature>98 than ___________

2-  If a person has BP>120/80 AND temperature>98 than __________

3-  If a person has BP<100/60 OR temperature>100 than ___________

4-  If a person has BP<100/60 AND temperature>100 than __________

5-  If a person has BP=120/80 AND temperature=98 than __________