CS609 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

Q # 1 [Markes:5]Write down the structure of segment register in protected modes?

Q # 2 [Markes:5]Write down the anatomy of NTFS based file system?

Q # 3 [Markes:5]Find the root directory sector where reserved sectors = 1 and sector per FAT = 9. Use appropriate assumption where needed.

Q # 4 [Markes:3]How many maximum root directory entries are possible in FAT 12 & FAT 16?

Q # 5 [Markes:3]What is the CHS and LBA address of MBR?

Q # 6 [Markes:3] Write down the names of three different states of viruses.

Q # 7 [Markes:3] How contents of small and large files are managed in MFT ?

Q # 8 [Markes:2] What is the segmentation is context of non contiguous memory management system?

Q # 9 [Markes:2] Write down the major enhancement of FAT32 comparing to FAT12 and 16.

Q # 10 [Markes:2] Write down the purpose of interrupt 12H and interrupt 15H/88H.

Q # 11 [Markes:2] For what he purpose services are usedInterrupt 1AH /06 1AH /07 1AH /09

Another Paper:

what is a Descriptor 2marks
wat is a segment memory and write its attribute 5marks
what size of enteries of GDT,LDT and IDT 3marks
what is the contiguous Memory Management
waht is FAT12 and 32 entries size 2marks
IN NTFS,the FAT and root directory has been replaced by …….. 2marks
write the aotonmy of NTFS 5marks