CS610 Computer Network Assignment 2 solution Spring 2013

Question No. 1 [10 Marks]

Suppose, you are working as a network administrator in a newly established insurance company; this company is having a number of departments in the same building. In order to have efficient communication between departments, this company needs to implement a low cost and reliable network using 10 base-T Ethernet wiring scheme inside the building using a HUB.

Your task is to answer the following questions:

a) Which type of cable will be used here?a) Twisted pair
b) Which type of connector will be used here?b) Rj-45 Connectors
c) Which type of Logical topology is being implemented here?

Solution:-  bus topology
d) Which type of physical topology is being implemented here?

Solution: star topology 

e) Which the type of coordination mechanism (Access Mechanism) will be used here (Give name of method)

Solution:e)Star based Bus 

Question No. 2                                                                                                                                         [5 Marks]

Consider a Local Area Network (LAN) using10 base-T Ethernet wiring scheme, the network administrator has assigned the hardware addresses to Network Interface Cards by setting jumpers on the interface cards (NICs). These NICs have different data rates.

Your task is to answer the following questions:

a) Which type of hardware addressing is used in this case?

b) If two computers are transferring data with each other, one have Network Interface Card (NIC)  with data rate equals to 10 mbps and other computer’s NIC has data rate equals to 100 mbps then what will be the overall data rate of the data transfer?

Solution: b) 10 mbps is the highest possible rate