CS610 Computer Network GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion:

“For communication across Internet, TCP/IP protocol suit is used for achieving universal services and routers are used to connect different networks. TCP is one of the major transport protocol used in TCP/IP protocol suit which provides reliable data delivery service to applications.

Suppose two applications use TCP to establish a connection, communicate, terminate the connection, and then open a new connection. Further suppose a FIN message sent to shut down the first connection is duplicated and delayed until the second connection has been established”.


a. If a copy of the old FIN is delivered, will TCP terminate the new connection? Why or why not?

CP will not terminate the new connection since each connection will have a unique sequence number to be distinguished from other connections.

b. Can a router send request to another router for TCP connection? Give reason.

Yes router can be connected to another router for TCP connection with static IP addresses.