CS610 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 12 Feb 2012

Q1- What is ICMP and what type of errors internet layer can detect ? 5 mrks
Q2- In which situation RIP support for default routers? 5 marks
Q3- Give Pros and Cons of statci and Dynamic routing . 5 marks
Q4- How ICMP used to test different tools? 3 marks
Q5 – How does host join and leave a group ? 3 marks
Q6- When packet lost what is the procedure TCP adopt ? 3 marks
Q7- In this subnet block What is the range of assignable host address? 3 mark
Q8 – Write the differece between Explicite and implicite frame type . 2 marks
Q9 – Give the concept of zero compression regarding IPV6 . 2 marks
Q10 – Which technique is used for insertion and deletion in routing table . 2 marks
Q11- Can multiple IP addresses assigned or not on different interfaces of a router . 2 marks
Q12- In which process bacword compatibility of 100-base- T is done ? 2 marks
Q13- Does OSPF only share information with an area or does it allow communication between different areas ? 2 marks