CS610 VU Assignment No. 3 Spring 2012 Solution

Q.1. Which TCP/IP layers are equivalent to OSI layers? Draw a diagram to explain. [10 Marks]

TCP/IP’s application layer is equivalent to OSI’s application,presentation and session layers, tcp/ip’s transport and internet is equal to osi’s transport and network layers respectively, tcp/ip’s network(interface) is equivalent to osi’s data link and finally tcp/ip’s phyisical is equivalent to osi’s physical.Make a graph urself 🙂

Q.2. Name a current technology that arose from ATM and how this technology follows the ATM  technology.[5Marks]

ATM is a single technology that is designed to meet the goals of both LANs and WANs. It was designed as a single technology for voice, video and data and has low jitter (Variance in delivery time) and high capacity. ATM as a single universal networking technology has only minimal provision for Interoperation with other technologies.