CS610 VU Current Final Paper Spring 2012

Is there any technique for achieving reliability through TCP? 5 marks
Give reasons for which IPv4 need to be changed ? 5 marks
In a star organization there are 120 systems connected in a network. Give your comments about delay, delay should be smaller or larger. Give reasons? 5 marks
How TCP provides reliability? 3 marks
How TCP and IP interact with each other? 3 marks
Describe four factors for network classification? 2 marks

Q: differentiate between IP and transport protocol with the help of example. 2 marks
Q: Give the main advantage and disadvantage of RIP. 2 marks
Q: Tel the first assignable IP address from a 2 marks
Q: how was the NAT implemented. 2 marks
Q: IS ATM include LAN and WAN network. If yes what kind of connection is established. 2 marks
Q: is IP multicasting beneficial? Defend your answer with proper reason. 3 marks
Q: Can the length of the segment be increased 500 meter by adding three repeater one with each segment. It can be done or not. 3 marks
Q: How an administrator can handle static and dynamic routing. 3 marks
Q: IS TCP/IP suit include ARP. What kind of messages are in ARP. 3 marks
Q: Traceroute continues to increment the Time To Live until the value is large enough for the datagram to reach its final destination. What happens when the TTL is sufficiently large for the datagram to reach its destination? 3 marks
Q: describe characteristics of BGP. 5 marks
Q: describe IPV6 addressing notation. 5 marks
Q have there is a technique for achieving reliability through TCP. 5 marks.

40 Mcqs
5 questions of 2 marks
5 questions of 3 marks
3 questions of 5 marks