CS614 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Problem Statement:

Local Testing Service (LTS) is authorized to conduct special type of Exams such as GAT (General), GAT (Subject) etc. They are using online application for seating arrangement of students who are appearing in any special Exam. Per day, only one type of exam can be conducted.  One or more than one invigilators can be assigned Exam duty. Given below is the ERD for part of given scenario. The following ERD shows different entities involved in scenario discussed above. The diagram also shows attributes and relationships between these entities.

You are required to identify all One-to-One and One-to-Many relationships from given ERD and apply appropriate De-Normalization technique on each identified relationship. Fill all tables with your own data and do not add more than 5 rows in each table. Also add relevant foreign keys in each table.

Your resultant table should be two i.e. Resultant Table 1 will be obtained after applying de-normalization technique on one-to-one relationship. Resultant Table 2 will be a single table after applying de-normalization technique on all one-to-many relationships. You need to show all steps of de-normalization for both type of relationships.