CS614 Data Warehousing Assignment 5 Solution Spring 2013


After finding the duplicate records in assignment no 4, we have now deleted those records and the resultant “Tickets” table is given as under:

PFirstName PMiddleName PLastName PCellno TicketID TicketType FlightID
ebrahim khan yusafzai 92314630 052 e pk507
arif raza awan 92333553 090 b pk307
abdul wahab khan 92321553 012 e pk922
muhammad ali raza 92334544 082 b pk507
arshad ali khan 92314713 001 e pk614



Use the bitmap index to exploit the following queries:

1)      Select * from Tickets where TicketType = “e” and FlightID=”pk507”

2)      Select * from Tickets where TicketType = “b” and FlightID=”pk307”

Note: Values are present for all the columns and rows. No column has unknown value. You need to specify each and every step including index tables, bit vectors etc.

Lecture No.27 Page no.220………….. Read bitmap topic and see example