CS614 Data Warehousing Quiz 1 Fall 2012

CS614 Data Warehousing Quiz 1 Fall 2012

Node of a B-Tree is stored in memory block and traversing a B-Tree involves ______ page faults.

The relation R will be in 3nd Normal Form if

Taken jointly, the extract programs or naturally evolving systems formed a spider web, also known as

Which of the following is not a technique of ‘De-Normalization’

If each cell of Relation R contains a single value (no repeating values) then it is confirmed that

Suppose the amount of data recorded in an organization is doubled every year. This increase is

________ gives total view of an organization

Relational databases allow you to navigate the data in ____________ that is appropriate using the primary, foreign key structure within the data model.

A single database, couldn’t serve both operational high performance transaction processing and DSS, analytical processing, all at the same time.

The relation R will be in 2nd Normal Form if