CS614 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

1. Gve name of activitiz 2 b perfrmd in planing nd dezin phase as dscsd in agri.dwh case study 2. What r gud feature of holap from other tekniqs 3. Docoment archtechr requrment of kimbl modal wd an expl … … 4. Task perfrmd through import expnrt data wizard to load data? 5. How clasifcatn difr frm estimation ye dosre dost ke question h Agri dwh data cleasing y required? Data wizard requirmt to load data? Dense and sparse index? Analytical aplication of kimbal? Waterfal method can be used for dwh? Query to select females from dwh? 3 marks appli of clustring, meta deta service advantg, table width increas issues,

test phase in agri data, name of authority to pest . . . . 2 marks script languages, k means weaknes, growth usage in datawarehouse, baqi 2 q yad nh 5 marks lesson agri data, 7 steps dts wizard, diff data matrix nd similiar/dissmlr matrix which öne is symetric one more paper of CS614 1) single clustering double clustering 2) one to one transformation, one to many transformation 3) DTS benefits and usage 4) K technique benefits and drwabacks. 5) Business laws in students labs 6) be a technologist is necessary in the DWH7) clicking stream in web DWH