CS614 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

subjective portion:
1) what is the basic concept of inverted index? 2 marks
2) why analytic track is called the “funpart” while designing a data warehouse? 2
3) why you need to analyze the web traffic at lowest level? 2
4) what will be the effect if we program a package by using DTS object model? 2
5) how grain is related with expressiveness? 2
6) differentiate between knowledge discovery in data base, data mining and data warehouse?3
7) why building a data warehouse is challenging activity what are three broad catagories of datawarehouse development method? 3
8) data profiling process? 3
9) Give name of activities of to be performed in building and testing phase as discussed in agri- DWH case study? 3
10) suppose you want to enhance performance of data warehouse which strategy throwing more hardware or aggregation will be used? 3
11) what are the fundamental strengths and weakness of k mean clustering? 5
12) write a query to extract total number of female students in BS telecom? 5
13) describe the lessons learnt during agri- datawarehouse case study? 5