CS614 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

Total quiz 53, 40 MCQS, 13 subjective
Q #1: Why “Justification” is required in project planning?
Q #2: Define forward proxy?

Q #3: Is there any fixed strategy to standardize a column?
Q #4: Major operation of data mining?

Q #5: In Round-Robin the distribution is pre-defined, you agree or not? Support your answer.
Q #6: Differentiate in dense index and spars index? What are advantages and disadvantages of these?
Q #7: what is classification process? How we measure the accuracy of classifiers?
Q #8: For what reason trivial quires give wrong result in Agri-DWH? Explain with Example.
Q #9: Purposes of data profiling?
Q #10: TQM benefits? Why organizations prefer this technique on other techniques?
Q #11: How mistakes should avoid in data warehouse process?
Q #12: How time contiguous log entries and HTTP secure socket layer are used for user session identification? Limitation of this.