CS614 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 08 Feb 2012

All MCQs were new only 4 were from past papers.
Q.1: Exlpain anayletic dta application specification in kimbill 5 marks
Q2: Bisinuss rules are validated using student database in LAB 5 marks
Q3: 2 real life examples of clustring . 5 marks
Q4: purposes dta data profiling 3 marks
Q5: Wwhat issues may accour during data acquisition and cleansing in agriculture case study? 3marks
Q6: Meant of classification process,How measure accuracy of classification? 3marks
Q7: Data parralism explain with example 3 marks
Q8: Under wahat condition an operation can be excute in parallel? 3 marks
Q9: What sorts of objectives metric are use by companies what are possible issues in formulation these metric? 2 marks
Q10: which script language are used to perfirm complex transformation in DTS pachage? 2 marks
Q11: Cleasing can be break down in Who many steps, write their names? 2 marks
Q12: What do u mean by “ keep competition hot in ontext of production selection and transformation while designing a data warehouse “. 2 marks
Q13: Who murge column are selected in case of sort merge? 2 marks