CS614 final paper feb 3

    1. K-mean weakness
    2. Classification process and its accuracy?
    3. Diff b/w data matrix & similarity/dissimilarity matrix
    4. Name of authority to pest
    5. Do you think it will create the problem of non-standardized attributes, if one source uses 0/1 and second source uses 1/0 to store male/female attribute respectively? Give a reason to support your answer.
    6. Inverted index
    7. Diff b/w knowledge Discovery,data mining and DWH
    8. Why DASD is better thn tape storage w.r.t access time
    9. Transient cookie & persistent cookie
    10. How Business validation rule implemented in DTS?
    11. clickstream
    12. Data profiling is a process of gathering information about columns, what are the purpose that it must fulfill? Describe briefly