CS614 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

16 MCQs

1. We use de-normalization which means redundant data. IF Duplication is in the source system what are the effects of this duplication in Analysis of Data ware house? 5 marks

2. Briefly describe the features of Dimensional Modeling? 5 marks

3. We use CDC in both legacy  and modern systems. What are the benefits of using CDC in modern systems as compared to legacy systems? 3 Marks

4. From distributive, algebraic and holistic transformation which is used in statistical analyzer? Give answer with reason. 3 marks

5. Round robin distribution is pre- defined? Do you agreed or not. Give your answer with argument? 2 marks

6. Differentiate between MOLAP and DOLAP in terms of implementation? 2 marks

7. Differentiate bw offline extractions and online extraction? 2 marks