CS615 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2018

Suppose you are required to develop online shopping System for providing different online services to the     customers and the staff, which is considered as the critical system as far as purchase and placement of Mobile Phones, Tablets & Land Line Devices are concerned. You being a Software Project Manager facing different requirements changing from the customer in terms of best available product delivery. You are leading a team of software engineers and you need to choose the process model first for having an effective design model before proceeding to coding phase. Which process model you choose and why you choose the selected process model? State with any two (2) solid reasons

Question no.2

The term constraint appears almost in every subject that tries to express some specific phenomena, and it is crystal clear that any change to the mention constraint may affect the quality/services/product to a significant extent. Being a student of Software project Management you might have heard about the project management triangle. List down just the basic terms used in project management triangle.