CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question 1 5 Marks
Identify from the given situations, which one is project and which one is a process? 

  1. Designing a map for Shopping Plaza.

Answer: Process

  1. Changing the tyre of a Plane.

Answer: Process

  1. Developing embedded systems.

Answer: Project

  1. Developing a Team Viewer Session.

Answer: Process

  1. Software Development for Leather Firm.

Answer: Project 

Question no 2: 10 Marks
Suppose you are required to develop a Leather Tenary System for providing different online services to the 
customers and the staff, which is considered as the critical system as far as purchase and placement of goat, 
buffalo’s skins are concerned. You being a Software Project Manager facing different requirements changing 
from the customer in terms of best available product delivery. You are leading a team of software engineers and 
you need to choose the process model first for having an effective design model before proceeding to coding
phase. Which process model you choose and why you choose the selected process model? State with any three solid reasons.

Reduced time and costs:

Prototyping can improve the quality of requirements and specifications provided to developers. Because changes cost exponentially more to implement as they are detected later in development, the early determination of what the user really wants can result in faster and less expensive software.

Improved and increased user involvement:

Prototyping requires user involvement and allows them to see and interact with a prototype allowing them to provide better and more complete feedback and specifications. The presence of the prototype being examined by the user prevents many misunderstandings and miscommunications that occur when each side believe the other understands what they said. Since users know the problem domain better than anyone on the development team does, increased interaction can result in final product that has greater tangible and intangible quality. The final product is more likely to satisfy the users desire for look, feel and performance.

Reduce the Cost of Development and Production:

Using a prototype model enables you to demonstrate the concept of your product and discover any flaws. You have the opportunity to correct these flaws, or come up with solutions for improving the product. This reduces the risk of your product failing. Hence, the cost of development and production is drastically reduced because you don’t have to fix problems later after the final product is already in production.