CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2012

Problem Statement: Online Library Management System


Borrowing  books,  returning  books  or  viewing  the  available  books  at  the  library  of  ABC University  Computer Science  Department is  currently  done  manually. The student has to go to the Library and check the available books at the Library and borrow the books only if the book is available.  Then the librarian makes manual entry on the Library card issued to the student and allows the member to check out the book. The searching of booking and maintaining the records become difficult due to lack of a database.

 This project aims to develop an Online Library Management System for ABC University.  This  system would be used by members who may be students or faculty members of the Department to check the availability  of  the  books  and  borrow  the  books,  and  by  the  librarian  to  update  the  databases.  It  focuses  on  the  capabilities  and  facilities  provided  by  a  real Library.

 Considering the above scenario,

Question 1)

a)     It is important to clarify the background characteristics of the Users at the beginning of the project. What is mean by the fuzzy users and how it affects the software product?                                Marks: 8

A fuzzy user model is proposed to deal with vagueness in the user’s knowledge description. The model uses fuzzy sets for knowledge representation and linguistic rules for model updating. The data from the fuzzy user model form the basis for the system adaptation, which implements various navigation support techniques. The evaluation of the presented educational system has shown that the system and its adaptation techniques provide a valuable, easy-to-use tool, which positively affects user knowledge acquisition and, therefore, leads to better learning results.

Question 2)

a)     In the context of above scenario, being a project manager of the project development team, which is developing the online library management system for the first time, which kind of technology related problem you will face.                                           Marks: 4

The Project Manager should

  • Work with a diverse mix of business areas including marketing, product, technology and facilities to manage assigned projects that meet defined objectives.
  • Lead project teams responsible for delivering high visibility projects that involve multiple stakeholder communities within the organization.
  • Lead other project managers and provide guidance, mentoring, direction and training.
  • Work with project teams to create, execute, and as needed, revise project work plans and schedules.
  • Ensure project documents (including project charter, scope, communication and risk management) plans are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
  • Facilitate regular status meetings with project teams and provide timely project status reports to management and project team members.
  • Plan and execute the migration of servers and applications, as needed.
  • Develop an ongoing maintenance schedule (e.g. backups, log rotations, checking systems status for servers and workstations) and disaster recovery plan.
  • Recommend policies and standards for the office infrastructure and the helpdesk function.
  • Enforce systems architecture standards.
  • Provide critical technical role in systems and network IT projects.
  • Evaluate, recommend, purchase and implement software / tools / technology for the Organization.
  • Install, maintain and support workstations, laptops and servers across the Organization.
  • Mentor one or more Support Technicians.
  • Update specific vendor product information.

b)    How these problems will affect the project in the context of above scenario?                                                                           Marks: 4

c)     What measures you will take to overcome these problems?

1. identifying the risks

2.quantifying the risks:

3. risk analysis:

4. presenting the results:

5. beyond presentation: