CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

Problem Statement: Online Library Management System
Description: Borrowing books, returning books or viewing the available books at the library of ABC University Computer Science Department is currently done manually. The student has to go to the Library and check the available books at the Library and borrow the books only if the book is available. Then the librarian makes manual entry on the Library card issued to the student and allows the member to check out the book. The searching of booking and maintaining the records become difficult due to lack of a database. This project aims to develop an Online Library Management System for ABC University. This system would be used by members who may be students or faculty members of the Department to check the availability of the books and borrow the books, and by the librarian to update the databases. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by a real Library. Considering the above scenario, 

Question 1)
a) Stakeholders are those people who affect or affected by the project. In the context of the above scenario, identify the key Stakeholders. 
Marks: 8

A “stakeholder” is any person or organization that is actively involved in a project, or whose interests may be affected positively or negatively by execution of a project. Stakeholders can be internal to the organization or external. In many projects the public at large will become a stakeholder to be considered during the project. The challenge for the project manager when the public is a stakeholder will be to act while considering public needs. Often there is no direct representative of the public to be consulted during project planning and execution.

Key stakeholders are a subset of stakeholders who have power to prevent the project from achieving its full set of objectives and potentially may cause the project to fail.or  they can produce such efforts to make the project to achieve its goals.

1- Developers of ABC university Library software

2- Employees (Librarian)

3- Management

4- Board members

Question 2)
a) Risk Analysis phase is the most important part of “Spiral Model”.How does the risk factor affect the spiral model of software development? Marks: 4 
In the context of above scenario, what would be your prefer process model? Justify your answer. Marks: 8

idea solution pls discuss further as per ur own approach, i am only discussing here the main points

1. identifying the risks

2.quantifying the risks:

3. risk analysis:

4. presenting the results:

5. beyond presentation: