CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

Problem: Online Garments Inventory Management System.

Purchasing is always a time consuming task in the era of fast life, where people don’t get enough time to visit the market for shopping. People get jogged down by the routine and by the visits of shopping. Customers not able to get enough variety to choose the right product and also the payment system is not so much transparent in which one needs to know the exact price of the selected product without bargaining. This Problem leads to the development of a project named “Online garments Inventory management System”, where we have shopkeeper selling and customers for purchasing garments online using cart to do shopping. Supplier supplies inventory to the shopkeeper, where warehouse keeper keeps the record of the inventory in and the inventory out for sale and purchase. First by having a virtual tour and then by booking the order along with postal address and payment method for smooth and reliable shipment, in order to reach the product at the customer’s doorstep using courier men. Technology provides us the ease to purchase anything while staying miles away. 

Note: You can get help to solve Q#2 from PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) book, which is your reference book for the course CS615 and is available in your course website of LMS.
5 Marks
Q#1: Considering the above scenario, you are required to identify the key stakeholders of the project. 5 Marks


The Stakeholders may be

  1. Customers.
  2. Shopkeeper
  3. Suppliers
  4. Warehouse Keeper/Manager
  5. CEO’s

Q#2: By considering the above scenario, if the change is made in the already developed system that customer have to do shopping of minimum 5,000 Rupees for shipment at the doorstep, now how to accommodate this change in the project developed using the situation stated above. You are required to give the flow of change management, either in flowchart form or in bulleted text form. 5 Marks

Solution Idea: Page 113 of handout
Q#3: By considering the above scenario, you are required to state and elaborate the Inputs (Any five) required, executing the SDP (Software development plan) of the project scenario stated above.


Key Inputs  executing the SDP (Software development plan) of the project are:

  1. Scope management plan
  2. Risk management plan
  3. Procurement management plan
  4. Configuration management plan
  5. Performance measurement baseline