CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2012

Problem Statement: Online Library Management System


Borrowing  books,  returning  books  or  viewing  the  available  books  at  the  library  of  ABC University  Computer Science  Department is  currently  done  manually. The students and faculty has to go to the Library and check the available books at the Library and borrow the books only if the book is available.  Then the librarian makes manual entry on the Library card issued to the student and allows the members (Students and faculty) to check out the book. The searching, booking and maintaining the records become difficult due to lack of a database.

This project aims to develop an Online Library Management System for ABC University.  This  system would be used by members who may be students or faculty members of the Department to check the availability  of  the  books  and  borrow  the  books,  and  by  the  librarian  to  update  the  databases.  It  focuses  on  the  capabilities  and  facilities  provided  by  a  real Library.

Considering the above scenario,

Question 1)

Software planning begins before technical work starts, continues as the software evolves from concept to reality, and culminates only when the software is retired. In the context of above scenario, write the preliminary plan for the following elements of SDP (Software development plan).    Marks: 2.5 each.

i)             Scope

ii)           Objectives–Business requirements

iii)         Technical approach

iv)          Contractual aspects

v)            Schedule

vi)          Resource allocation

vii)        Evaluation Methods

viii)       Overview of the Project Management

 Solution below: