CS615 Software Project Management Assignment 6 Solution Fall 2012

Problem Statement: Online Library Management System
Borrowing books, returning books or viewing the available books at the library of ABC University Computer Science Department is currently done manually. The students and faculty has to go to the Library and check the available books at the Library. They can borrow book(s) only if that book(s) is/are available. Then the librarian makes manual entry on the Library card issued to the members (Students and faculty) and allows them to check out the book(s). The searching, booking and maintaining the records become difficult due to lack of a database.
This project aims to develop an Online Library Management System for ABC University. This system would be used by members who may be students or faculty members of the Department to check the availability of the books and borrow the books, and by the librarian to update the databases. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by a real Library.
Considering the above scenario,
Question 1)
Work breakdown structure (WBS) is a technique to decompose the project for the purpose of management and control. It provides the framework for organizing and managing the work. The WBS is commonly used at the beginning of a project for defining project scope, organizing Gantt schedules and estimating costs.
(a) Suppose the project needs to complete in 60 working days. In the context of the given scenario, write down the WBS (Gantt chart) using MS Project tool.
Marks: 20
Note: It is necessary to submit MS project file only. Image file or any other format will not be accepted and will be

awarded zero marks

Solution: You need to download and install MS Project for completing this assignment