CS615 Software Project Management GDB Solution Fall 2012

Suppose a project need to be completed in 50 working days is assigned to newly developed Software Company with a team having a mid level of expertise. The project manager of the software development team has decided to use agile method for developing the project. Discuss with valid arguments your agreement or disagreement with the above decision.


Advantages of Agile

Agile methodology has an adaptive team which is able to respond to the changing requirements.
The team does not have to invest time and effort and finally find that by the time they delivered the product, the requirement of the customer has changed.
Face to face communication and continuous inputs from customer representative leaves no space for guesswork.
The documentation is crisp and to the point to save time.
The end result is the high quality software in least possible time duration and satisfied customer.
In a nutshell this means that you can get development started fast, but with the caveat that the project scope statement is “flexible” and not fully defined. Hence this can be one of the major causes of scope creep if not managed properly.