ECO401 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper

There were 4 Qs of 5 Marks each and 3 to 5 Qs of 3 Marks

Long Qs were like
Q69. Two products and per year units production were given at USA and UK. You had to find 1 unit opportunity cost at UK.
Q68. A graph of monopolistic firm was given showing a demand curve just crossing two parboilic curves above. one curve was AC and the other one was AVC. You had to explain the diagram.
Q67. Define the current account and capital accounts.
Q66. There was question where a function of expenditure was given like =500+0.9Y and government expenditure =300 import-=150 export=250 and tax collecton was 250. find ???? i dont remeber
Q65. BAs oor yad nahi. Objectives were from old papers and were easy.