ECO401 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

Paper 1:

MCQs = 56 Questions= 8
Q1: Differentiate between Mo, M1 and M2 components of money supply. (3 marks)
Q2:Difference between Real Exchange Rate and Nominal Exchange Rate. ( 3 marks)
Q3:When Real wage unemployment Occur? Discuss. (3 marks)
Q4:What are the sources of borrowing ,By which Govt. can remove the fiscal deficit? (3 marks)
Q5:Differentiate between 2nd degree price discrimination and 3rd degree price discrimination. (5 marks)
Q6:Differentiate between frictional unemployment and structural unemployment. (5 marks)
Q7:Why could world on the whole not have current account deficit? discuss( 5 marks)
Q8: Why there is Always uncertainty in VU solutions consumer behavior?? Discuss (5 marks)

Paper 2: 

short Qs
equilibrium point nakal k quantity demanded n quantity
suppplied nikalni thi
wat is BOP??
MM calculate krna tha….
diffrence b/w demand pull and cost pull inflation??
on wat basis countries gain from trade??
aik Q tha GNP n NNP find krna tha…
isocost and budget line

Paper 3:

Q1=Difference between cyclical unemployment and technological unemployment. 3 marks

Q2= Explain the slope of money supply with help of daigram. 5 marks

Q3Differece btw cardinal and ordinal approach of utility? 3 marks

Q4=Explain Engal curve for normal commodity with the help of daigram. 5 marks

Q5=Explain the growth through trade strategy.why it is fail 5 marks

Q6=1 table diya hua tha jis ma gdp find krna tha.5 marks
all are mcq’s which are not 4rm past paper.so plz prepare whole buk as wel as the past paper too.


Paper 4:


totol question 64
objective 56
what is current account and how to reduce deficit
what is LP curve and make the diagram
what is equilibrium reasons in the compitation & monoplists
define marginal curve in the monobilists
what countries are poor and what are the causes of pooreness
remainning 2 question of also from last chpters
and majority of mcqs from last chpter and marginal consumption

Paper 5:

Total questions = 64
Total mcq’s = 56
Short questions of 3 marks;
Define the relationship between monopoly and price elasticity of demand?
Explain concept of accelerator in your own words?
Differentiate actual and potential GDP?
Define money supply curve with VU solutions the help of diagram?
Long questions of 5 marks;
Define Philips curve with the help of diagram.
Balance sheet of UBL bank and calculation of money multiplier.
Price of margarine is increase, what would be the effect of demand
and supply curve on the butter, explain with the help of diagram.
Calculation question in which NNP and GNP was required