ECO401 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 11 December 2012

Eco401 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper – 10 December 2012

32 questions
28 mcqs…
50%mcqs from old papers..
2 questions of 3 marks….


what are the key ingredients of market structure?
. What would be the shape of indifference curve in each of the following?
a. A, B are two brands of the same product, consumer can not tell the difference whether which is good or preferred.
b. X is good and Y is bad like household refuses?
2 questions of 5 marks…

evaluate the events in graph according to perfect compitition?
calculate the marginal total product with the help of shedule?
Another Paper:
total Qs = 32
total MCQs = 28
Q1. Where monoplist invest ????? 3/-
Q2. related from graphssssss 3/-
Q3. Methematical Q to find AVC & AFC 5/-
Q4. From price discrimination with examples

MCQs related from calculationsss…some almost 5 to 6 from pst pprzz

Another Paper:
Q. We can achieve optimum combination of factors of production. (Marks: 3)
Q. Define with
TR = 50Q – Q2
Calculate Marginal Revenue and slope of Marginal Revenue (Marks: 3)
Q. Why Marginal Cost curve is not considered as supply curve in monopoly? (Marks: 5)
Q. The following table show the physical production of labor, calculate the average physical product of labor from this information. (Marks: 5)
Capital Labour Total Production of Labour
250 10 50
250 20 70.7
250 30 86.6
250 40 100
250 50 111.8