ENG101 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Q . No 1 Answer :

Sr. No. Words Bound Morpheme Base Word Parts of Speech
Example bravely -ly brave adverb
1. Unacceptable -able Unaccept adjective
2. Deoduorize   Deoduorize verb
3. Encouragement -ment Encourage noun
4. Monochromatic Mono-  -atic chrome adjective
5. Loveliness -ness Lovely noun
6. Revitalization -ation Revitalize noun
7. Disconnect Dis- connect verb
8. Musician


-ian Music noun


9. Antedate


Ante- date verb
10. Malfunction Mal- function verb


Q . No 2 Answer

Title: rules of nature can not be changed

Sr. No. Events Correct Sequence
1. Life organized a campaign 7
2. It was discovered that the baby was a Mongol 2
3. The High Court decided the parents were right 3
4. Alexandra developed an intestinal blockage 2
5. EXIT supported the parents 8
6. The Appeal Court decided the parents were wrong 5
7. The doctors refused to operate 3
8. The parents refused to let the doctors operate 2
9. Alexandra’s parents were right, because it is the quality of life that matters 9