ENG101 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Q1) ‘Paraphrasing is just another name for your writing style’. Paraphrase the following paragraphs in your own words. 


Solution: One day the demon was in passive mood and has invented a glass and was happy to note that the greenery, good looking vegetation and the picture of human beings looks distorted and one cannot recognize their faces. The demon was happy of his cunning invention,

All who attends the demon’s school talked about the wonder of distorted glass, they carried thr glass everywhere till there wasn’t anybody who didn’t see the world and mankind thru this distorted glass.

They flew to heaven with this distorted glass to see the angel. At high altitude the glass became slippery and fell from their hands, landed on earch and broke in millions of pieces some are big some are as small as dust particle. When this small itom of glass stuck in the eye, the person looked the world thru this glass and found the distorted picture of mankind and the world. Spectacle was also made by this glass piece & the person could not see the right and just, they always see the distortion of images and truth.

The demon laughed at the wickedness and mischief that he has done by inventing the glass. Still there are particles are floating in the air by which the people always see the distorted side of the world.

Q.2   UNDERLINE the FIVE clichés from the given passage. (5)


It is clear as crystal that after joining Hassan enterprises, Aleena became busy

 as a bee. She was mostly sick and tired due to over exertion. Her family members

 And friends were bored to tears even in her presence as she would indulge herself

 In her office work even at home. Her complexion also became pale. Before that,

 She used to be as red as a rose.


Q.3Fill in the blanks with the help of appropriate choices.


1-      Every trade and profession has its own …..


Technical jargon.

Formal jargon

simple jargon

complex jargon


2– All writing problems do not involve …..







 3Careful writers avoid weakening their writing with …..







 4Punctuation depends upon …..







 5In essay writing, note making is a skill and it is a .….


Personal affair

Formal affair

informal affair

public affair