ENG101 English Comprehension GDB Solution Spring 2014

Graded Discussion Board for English Comprehension (ENG101) will be opened on 17-07-2014 and it will remain open till 18-07-2014.

The topic for this GDB is:
“Share an experience that changed your perception of the world around.”

Write your own views about the topic. Your comments should NOT exceed 200 words.

Solution: Our own perception of the world gets enriched and does change as we age; our own perception of the world does change while we are living life and experimenting and experiencing for our survival. Our life is coloured through our perceptive presence, through our witness, through the encounter and negotiation with the other person or persons friends and foes, through the hopefully harmonious cohesion with others. Our perception will change in the process of recognition or knowledge or ever more unfolding consciousness. Age may help us more critically capture or select experiences; the experiences of age may make us to sort of more naturally adopt the style of the proverbial astute good old fox for hopefully longer and better survival. Unless we are the robots or slaves of some particular habit, or of some particular culture / ideology, age may make us feel more mature and to more critically evaluate whatever there is and is promised in what we are perceiving; our perceiving may be encompassing more the attitude of building up, or more ardently adding up to, something more beautiful but also more logical for a future.