ENG101 Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Q 52

Total Mcqs 40


Dictionary can tell about the speech of the words ?Explain (2 marks)

What is topic sentence?

Arrange the Sentences?(3marks)

Rewrite the sentences by completing them ?(3 marks)

Short essay On”Pens are more Matthias then swords?(5 marks)

Essay on Internet has increased the interaction among people?(5 marks)

What are the outlines in writing an effective Essay ?

What are the basic tenses in English writing?(3 marks)

Short story , write them in ur own words ?(paraphrase)(3mraks)

Another Paper:


Q: Make a sentences of Pray and Prey:- (2 marks)

Q:Define Verbal irony and its 4 types?(5 marks)

Q:Give examples of Determiners?(3 marks)

Q:Paragraph “Nothing is impossible unless one agrees that it is” (5marks)

Q: Paraphrase (5 marks)

Q:Paragraph “what your friends characterizes you” (5 marks)

Q: Correct the comma splice (2 marks)

Q: Punctuation (3 marks)

Q: Complete the fragment sentences (3 marks)