ENG101 VU Assignment No. 3 Spring 2012 Solution

Question No1

1. No less than fifty men were injured in the accident.no less than means ” used to show your suprise at a large number.”  

2. He is the taller of the two brothers. Remove “The” before taller More elaborated would be He is taller of his two brothers.

3. He would make a better engineer than a doctor.

4. I do not like such movies, which are immoral. Pronoun Reference:I donot like movies which are immoral or

I donot like immoral movies

5. Poultry has given him great profit. I feel the the Noun Poultry is not descriptive it should be “Poultry business

Question No 2

1. This is _____ a heavy chair that it is not easy to carry. (much, such)

2. I was ___    pleased about the letter that I ran to tell my mother.  (so, very)

3. The news is ____wonderful to be believed.  (too, to)

4. The main reason I left early was ________ I was bored. (if, because)

5. I was reaching down to pick up my cap just _____ I saw the two snakes. (when, then)

Question No 3

1. Several small shops went out of business. Complete

2. The nurse pierced my arm four times with a syringe.Complete

3. As it was her first airplane ride.Fragment

4. Because there was a gas leak.Fragment

5. The small child was always active.Complete