ENG201 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Q1. In the following list, each sentence contains some positive words that are frequently
used in customer service departments of today’s business world. Identify the most positive
word from each sentence and write it in the column below against the relevant number.
(10 Marks)
1. I will definitely make sure that your application gets sorted out.
2. Our manager is in absolute agreement with you on your present claim.
3. Our company has decided a fantastic alternative for your watch.
4. Your suggestion is excellent that our company should invest in house building sector.
5. It is brilliant that we and our customers are on the same page about the quality of our products.
6. Lahore & co. provides a friendly service to its customers.
7. Our bank can certainly help you in your financial crisis.
8. Our manager will quickly run through your file for our loan approval.
9. Nestle has a generous offer for its customer at the end of February.

10. The CEO of Toyota Company has great news for the customers of the company.

Sentence Number Answer (one word only)
1 Make sure
2 agreement
3 fantastic
4 Excellent
5 same
6 Friendly
7 Certainly
8 Quickly
9 Generous
10 great


Q2. Ten behaviors are generally considered as bad behaviors at work place. Two of them
are given here. Write a paragraph of 150-200 words on ANY ONE of them.
(10 Marks)
1. Employment discrimination
2. Taking credit for someone else’s work
Taking credit for someone else’s work
You collaborate with a coworker on a project. Later, you overhear your boss commend your
colleague: “What a fantastic job! You must have devoted a lot of thought and effort to this task.”

You expect your coworker to say they couldn’t have done it without you, but instead he just
smiles and says thanks. How will you ever get ahead if your colleague steals your thunder?
Suggestion: First of all, don’t assume that your coworker intentionally deprived you of your due
honor. Perhaps he’s nervous around your boss, or he thought that your boss would commend you
personally. However, you don’t have to be passive just because your colleague is. Why not give
yourself some credit? Approach your boss privately. Ask him for feedback about the task. You
might say something like, “I was wondering if you were satisfied with how the project turned
out, or if you needed me to make a few tweaks.” When he expresses surprise, modestly explain
your role and your investment in the project’s success. And, lest you become a hypocrite,
mention an essential contribution of your colleague too.