Eng201 Assignment No. 03 Solution Spring 2013

Q.1. Assume yourself as the marketing manager of Doriya Textile Company. You want to introduce your newly manufactured FABRIC in the market. How will you use the following visual aids for the advertisement/promotion campaign of your Fabric?                                                                                                        (10 Marks)

• Photographs

• Drawings

Note: You may use Visuals (i.e. pictures) to support your answer.



As a marketing manager of Shandy Cola Company, I am going to introduce the latest soft drinks with these following Visual Aids.

1.    Photograph:
In the absence of the original thing or material we can use photograph to explain the main idea of the thing, we can use the normal size picture to the audience.
Photographs are large enough to the audience to view without straining.
These are good tool to emphasize a point or explain a topic.
Photograph are good to use when actual object are cannot be viewed.

2.    Transparency:
In the modern world the usage of new technology is a trend, transparency is one of them. It determines that how and why information is conveyed through various means.
It gives the information to the people to better understand the situation.
Overly transparences provide a good cumulative presentation.
It creates expectations that are then carried out.

3.      Videotape:
Videotape electronically carries both picture and sound track.
Its feature of sound movement, vivid image, color and variety hold an audience attention.
It can use to program an entire presentation or to support a speaker’s remark by highlighting certain topic.

Q.2. Read the following statements carefully and mark them as TRUE or FALSE accordingly.                                                                                             (5 Marks)

  1. Visual aids should not be integrated with the prose to enhance the scope of your message.                                                                                     True/False
  1. Bar graph represents numerical quantities using rectangles that are called bards.                          True/False
  1. The succession of events in a process or procedure is represented with the help of pie charts.                                                                                  True/False
  1. Ornate language consists of simple and direct words.             True/False
  1. When two independent clauses are linked with just a comma, this is known as a comma splice error.                                                                  True/False